Jabuticaba Tree

A beautiful specimen with little to no maintenance required. This tree will grace your property with beautiful flowers and fruits. Not too tall so it’s great for any property, the
Brazilian Grape Tree:

Kingdom: Plantae
Family: Myrtaceae
Scientific Name: Plinia Cauliflora
Order: Myrtales
Higher Classification: Plinia
Rank: Species

It’s a slow growing large shrub or bushy tree which reaches 10 to 15 feet; leaves are slightly broad, and it produces beautiful small yellow-white flowers.

It’s fruit is grape-like in appearance and texture with a slightly more resilient skin. It’s fruit is dark purple in inside and out.

Full sun or some shade ideal, and it’s fairly wind tolerant. Give this tree deep rich soil; water supplied as need in keeping the soil moist. No pruning needed.